Senior dives into media

Entering my senior year, I feel that I have changed as a person. I am optimistic about this semester. Even though the stress of graduate school applications are nearing, I feel ready to take on the semester. My optimism is coming from my new minor in Visual Communication Design. I now have the opportunity to learn about multimedia production. The cool thing about multimedia is that it has been one of my interests since my freshman year. I remember taking some of the media sessions in the library during my spare time. As an International Relations major, I find that it can be hard to specialize in something because it is so broad. So, I decided to combine my interests in International Relations with multimedia, and that lead me to a minor in Visual Communication Design. One day, I hope to work in public diplomacy.
I am excited to learn about Final Cut Pro and how to build a website. However, I see some challenges in the semester. Sometimes, I get overly excited and dream big, at times too big, and feel disappointed when my ideas do not come out as planned. Also, I’m worried about time management since I have 18 hours this semester for the first time in college. The only way I am going to be able to overcome these challenges is by setting realistic goals and time management. Despite my worries, I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn about multimedia, here is to a great semester.

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