Final Thoughts: Media Production 1

So, this semester has finally come to an end and its time to say goodbye to my media production class. I have learned more in this class that I thought I would. A part of me wishes it were a bit longer to keep learning. However, there are three areas where I felt that I grew the most in. Technologically: This is probably the area … Continue reading Final Thoughts: Media Production 1


Maria Garza and David Culbreth are both seniors at St. Mary’s University. They are making a cheesecake and explaining how they started cooking/baking together. Ingredients: -4 bars of cream cheese -1 container of sour cream -1 box of graham crackers -1 stick of butter -1 cup of sugar -3 eggs -1 teaspoon of vanilla extract -A pinch of cinnamon Directions: 1. Crush graham crackers into … Continue reading Cheesecake

Bullet Journal Ideas

This month, I started working on my bullet journal! If you don’t know about bullet journaling, I suggest you check out the bullet journal website or  video.  Basically, a bullet journal consists of an index, a future log, monthly logs, daily logs, trackers, and collections. In this post, I have posted some of my favorite spreads. Which spread is your favorite? Continue reading Bullet Journal Ideas

Media production experts in the making

Here is the future of media production. I’m excited to see what my classmates will create this semester. Check out their sites: Lauren R. Casillas Nayeli P. Cervantes John Paul Coronado Tawny Davis Sabrina I. Evans Terrence P. Fennell Daria A. Flowers Valeria D. Garcia Channing B. Hankins Joe F. Lopez Madison E. Perales Samantha B. Salazar Jose A. Tapia Villasenor Continue reading Media production experts in the making